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Unboxing Master & Dynamic x BAPE with Giancarlo Purch of Blazendary

To celebrate the launch of our BAPE collaboration, The 10,000 spoke with Giancarlo Purch, founder of Blazendary. The prolific sneakerhead and hypebeast, known for his collection of rare and iconic streetwear, shares his obsession and tips on procuring the rarest pieces. Keep scrolling to watch Giancarlo unbox the exclusive BAPE x Master & Dynamic kit on his YouTube channel, which also includes a mystery item, one of only 40 made.

How did you get started collecting streetwear, and was there a specific piece that inspired you to start collecting?

I started collecting back in 2014 in middle school. Kids my age were buying Air Jordans off each other, so I got involved in the mix. Attending sneaker conventions helped me network, expand my reselling/clothing brand Blazendary, and learn about other brands. The piece that got me into collecting was actually a BAPE Shark Hoodie, a blue and purple split camo jacket I saved up for by selling sneakers and other BAPE pieces. The sneaker that got me into collecting was the Air Jordan 4 in Military Blue.

Tell us about your own style. How do you curate your wardrobe and stylistic choices?

I buy pieces that appeal to my taste – which is a bit all over the place. I find these pieces by searching online marketplaces or in person at events or meetups. I like to combine pieces from the same color palette, sometimes mixing hype brands, which generates comments (both good and bad) and engagement on my posts. I gained traction online by wearing these crazier pieces to school, a place every kid relates to. I’m 19, so I like to wear the flashy “hype brands” but I also am slowly diversifying into vintage and overseas fashion. 

How does music factor into your life? Is there a specific artist or genre you listen to for regular inspiration?

I listen to music everyday, (as most people do). You’ll generally catch me listening to “Atlanta” rappers – Future, Lil Baby, Young Thug. My favorite artist is Lil Wayne since I grew up listening to his albums as they were released. Coincidentally, he is also known for wearing BAPE. One of my favorite outfits of his was from 2003 – an all purple BAPE get up.

Out of all your social media platforms, which is your favorite and why?

Instagram because it’s the quickest to access, most of my family and friends have it, and marketing is a key tool for my brand. You can market very easily on Instagram via e-commerce, and personal branding. Other than that, TikTok is also a favorite because the videos can be really funny.

What’s next for Blazendary?

Expanding my online presence by continuing to post across social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat. I want to own a store that resells products and my own brand, as well as having real estate in multiple cities to make passive income and be able to live in some cool spots. My investments in collectibles, stocks, and my own brand will never stop.

What was your first BAPE piece? 

The first BAPE piece I ever owned was the navy shark jacket. It’s actually one of the knit pieces they dropped in the early 2000s. When I got this piece, I quickly sold it to make a profit to get to the newer BAPE Shark I really wanted. Selling streetwear started to happen after I got into sneaker selling. I learned about all the hype brands, and I constantly gravitate towards BAPE because of the loud, flashy colors. 

BAPE fans are known to scour the internet for the rarest pieces. How has your BAPE collection expanded and how do you go about curating it?

I buy overseas or when I visit the New York store I sneak my camera in and pick the best things on the shelves that day. The video will generate revenue to buy the BAPE gear, and the video generates passive income with ad revenue.  My collection has also grown from reselling pieces over the years I decide to part ways with, or by buying pieces intentionally to resell. 

You have a massive following and community. How do you stay connected with your followers online? 

I post daily updates of what’s going on in my life to inspire my audience to have a hustle. Whether I’m working, flexing a cool outfit, or posting a motivational quote, my IG/Snap stories will be filled with content 24/7. I encourage investing in stocks and streetwear to make money. I learned that chasing your goals and having a dedicated routine will make you successful. I want my audience to emulate this and know they can get themselves in the same position by working hard everyday. My message +++ , peace, love and positivity, is a way of thinking inspired by the laws of attraction. 

I also love attending meetups with my audience and going to events like Sneakercon or throwing my own BLAZENDARY pop-up shops. I take pictures, sign merch, and offer advice to those who ask questions. I miss traveling! A Blazendary 2021 tour will happen. 

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