Celebrating our second collaboration with BAPE: MG20 Headphones and MW08 Earphones

Celebrating our second collaboration with BAPE: MG20 Headphones and MW08 Earphones

To celebrate the second exclusive collaboration of Master & Dynamic x BAPE MG20 headphones and MW08 earphones, The 10,000 spoke to their team to dig a little deeper into the history of the iconic streetwear brand. Read on to learn about BAPE’s emblematic motif, how the brand chooses collaborations, and the origins of the signature camo pattern. 

What is the history behind the name “BAPE”?  

The name of BAPE is an homage to the film, Planet of the Apes. And secondly, it’s a reference to the Japanese idiom ‘a bathing ape in lukewarm water’, a tongue-in-cheek nod to the overindulgence of the young streetwear consumer.

The brand has designed everything from sneakers to t-shirts and the iconic shark hoodie, which are adorned with a superflat camouflage pattern. How did BAPE choose its now emblematic motif? 

With BAPE 1st Camo coming to life in 1996, the graphic intends to blend a number of different elements in its design; firstly, its obvious reference to military camouflage fits perfectly with the Japanese fascination with military clothing. Where camouflage is traditionally designed to conceal and hide, however, the BAPE camo manages to flip the script and become the brand’s motif.

BAPE originally started in 1993 with its iconic BAPE Camo pattern in classic green. Our newest collaboration with BAPE uses the ABC Camo Pattern in blue and in pink. What can you tell us about the evolution of the BAPE camo and why did the team select these colors for this collaboration?

The ABC Camo was introduced by Mankey in 1997 and incorporates even more Ape Heads in the design with a brighter pattern in a variety of colors. Since then the ABC Camo has become one of the brand’s favorites for not just in-house products, but many more collaborations throughout the years. Specifically for this collaboration, the use of ABC Camo is to accommodate the brand’s originality but also inspires the continual transformation of both BAPE and Master & Dynamic.

BAPE has collaborated with fashion brands like CDG as well as Marvel, SpongeBob, Nintendo and NFTs. What have been BAPE’s most unusual collaborations? 

In 2010, BAPE collaborated with Daiwa on the “A Fishing Ape” collection, which includes a fishing vest, fishing rods, bait, and more.

What drove the BAPE team to design skins for League of Legends and PUBG Mobile?

In recent years, E-sports and Web3 have slowly blurred the line between the virtual and the physical world. As BAPE is a pioneer of streetwear culture, we have always wanted to tailor exclusive products for our fans to experience in the real world as well as their own virtual venues.

What was the process and transition like into designing skins for video games?

The design process includes lots of trial and error. Yet we would like to ensure the brand’s motif be perfectly featured on the skins for better story-telling. 

Video games are increasingly becoming a high-fashion playground for luxury brands. How is the company carving out space for itself in gaming?

In progress… Stay tuned!

A base fishing reel and vest from the 2010 limited release collab:
A base fishing reel and vest from the 2010 limited release collab: "A Bathing Ape x DAIWA"
Bait hooks from the 2010 limited release collab:
Bait hooks from the 2010 limited release collab: "A Bathing Ape x DAIWA
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