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A Conversation With Director Ismail Shallis

For Listen, Your Way – our latest campaign introducing the MW50+ 2-in-1 Wireless On + Over-Ear Headphones- director Ismail Shallis shot a video campaign in a single day focusing on four New Yorkers using the new convertible headphones to work, play and relax in various Manhattan locations. Afterwards, The 10,000 caught up with Shallis to talk about his work, his inspirations and his latest musical tastes. Enjoy our Q&A with Ismail below, watch the #ListenYourWay campaign video, and see photos from the shoot.

Alain Sylvain
DJ Japancakes
Chloe Corpuz
Chloe Hayward
Chloe Corpuz

What attracted you to this project with Master & Dynamic?

The opportunity to make something for a brand that cares as much as me about build, detail, finish and timelessness.

Where did you draw inspiration from for this video?

I steal from everywhere.

What are you currently listening to on repeat?

Childish Gambino’s This is America. Hip-hop still has a voice if you know where to look.

What advice can you give to younger creatives/directors?

Steal. Steal as much as you need to. The process of integrating those things into your own work almost always creates something fresh and different.

Name some of your past projects that left a lasting impression, and why?

A personal project I shot in Mexico City with an Australian musician called Kirin J Callinan. Yet to be released, it was one of the most creative and freeing experiences simply because we had no money.

What does your daily routine involve?

Waking up next to the love of my life. A studied smoothie. The New York Times. A shower. A brisk walk to my studio. Lots of reading and writing and chatting and thinking. A meeting. Lunch at Bep Ga. A coffee with a friend. More work. A drink at Clandestino. Home-cooked dinner. A glass of red wine. A movie. Falling asleep next to the love of my life.

What do you do to boost your creativity?

I surround myself with people who I can learn from, people who inspire me, people who believe in me.

We need to know. How and when do you use your headphones?

When I’m out and about in the city, I generally like to use the on-ear cups, I need to hear the city around me, I need to feel present. When I’m studying or writing I flip the over-ear cups on to cut the world out.

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