A Conversation With Agostina Gálvez

A Conversation With Agostina Gálvez

We tapped Argentinean-born New York-based filmmaker Agostina Gálvez of Radical Media to direct our short film The New Geometry of Sound which introduces our new wireless speaker. After launching the video, we chatted with Agostina about becoming a filmmaker, her fascination with motion in film, and her inspiration behind The New Geometry of Sound.

How did you get your start?

I do narrative films on one side and commercial films on the other. It was always clear to me that in order to make independent films and support myself, I [needed] to direct commercial films. So when I first moved to New York, I started making fashion films, and that’s how I got started in the commercial world. My biggest breakthrough was a film I did for video channel Nowness called Limber Up that features three rhythmic gymnasts. The film got the attention of a lot of agencies, and after meeting with a lot of them, I decided to sign with Radical Media.

What are your favorite sorts of projects to work on?

I love working on projects where I’m given creative freedom and where I feel that the client trusts my vision. One of my favorite parts is collaborating with other people: exchanging ideas to achieve better results and to challenge myself. So when a project brings the possibility of working with collaborators whose work I admire (like creative directors, actors, music composers, editors, costume designers, etc.), for me, [that] is very encouraging.

Your other videos show off your fascination with motion. What is it about that that interests you?

I like dance. [When] I was a kid, my mom took me to see ballets and contemporary dance shows. I’ve always been moved by the combination of dance and music. I love the composition and the shapes that the bodies in motion create in relationship with the spaces around them. What I find most interesting about shooting dancers and gymnasts is how their movements are constantly changing; there’s something hypnotic about it. I love being able to capture the different compositions their bodies create within the frame.

Who or what inspires you?

I’ve always been fascinated by ancient civilizations. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist, and I think that interest still remains. I recently went to the National Archeological Museum in Naples, Italy and was very impressed by the ancient Roman art, mosaics, and vases there. There were also pieces of walls where someone had left an announcement, and someone had replied to it underneath, creating a message chain. This communication system is pretty much the same one we use on the internet, on social media. This made me think about the consistent need we’ve always had [for] communicating and socializing.

Tell us about the creation of The New Geometry of Sound video. What was the inspiration behind it?

The MA770 Speaker has a unique design with very interesting curves. From every angle, the speaker presents a new, different shape; even though the design looks minimal and clean, it’s also very complex. So my inspiration was the geometry of the speaker. And I shot it with a Steadicam to capture how the design changes from every angle you look at it.

What’s your advice to anyone who wants to get into directing and filmmaking?

I think it’s important to start shooting with any camera you have. Don’t feel limited because you don’t have the perfect equipment or the perfect conditions. Also, edit the things you shoot, especially at the beginning, because it is incredible how much you learn in that process—you realize what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do better next time. And last but not least, watch films seriously, especially old ones, and study directors you admire.

Click below to view a selection of Agostina’s full-length films:

Limber Up

The Fifth Sense

Your Kind

Behind the Scenes of “The New Geometry of Sound”
“Your Kind”
“The Fifth Sense”
Behind the Scenes of “The New Geometry of Sound”
“The Fifth Sense”
“Limber Up”
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