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Know Your Sound Tool: The Tweeter

In our new series featuring the design and technical aspects of our headphones, earphones, and bluetooth speaker, we speak with members of our product team to learn more about what goes into the engineering of our premium audio products.

A closeup of the MA770
The MA770 on a brown dresser
The MA770 Speaker
A diagram of the tweeter
A diagram of the tweeter

Today we’re talking about our latest product: the MA770 Wireless Speaker. More specifically, we wanted to know about one of the most important—but also most delicate—parts of the speaker: the tweeter.

So what’s a tweeter?

“A tweeter is the part of the speaker that produces high frequencies—above 3.5 kilohertz,” says Nick Slaney, our senior mechanical engineer. “It’s made out of titanium.”

Why titanium?

“Because it has to move really fast. Titanium allows us to make a dome that’s really light and thin, which is good for reproducing high frequencies. Titanium has a really high strength to weight ratio, so you can make something really thin and light but also strong. Plastic or a cheaper metal would warp and cause distortion at those frequencies.”

But it’s still delicate, right?

“Don’t touch it,” warns Nick. “It’s strong enough for what it has to do, but it’s not meant to be poked.”

Our MA770 Wireless Speaker, complete with titanium tweeter, is available here.

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