Know Your Sound Tool: MW75 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Know Your Sound Tool: MW75 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones

In our ongoing “Know Your Sound Tool” series, The 10,000 taps members of our product development team to learn more about the details and engineering behind our sound tools. In this story, we dive deeper into our newest Active-Noise Cancelling over-ear headphone, the MW75. Read on to learn more about the technology of Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, the benefits of a beamforming mic array, tips for adjusting EQ settings, and the MW75’s wide soundstage. 

What is ANC (active noise cancellation) and how does it reduce background noise?

Active Noise Cancellation is a technical feature built into sound tools used to eliminate external sounds by producing an equal and opposite sound that cancels out the unwanted noise. For more on ANC click here.

The MW75 adapts the level of ANC to the user’s environment, which is a difference in features from MW65. What is adaptive noise cancellation? Why was it important for the MW75 to have adaptive noise cancellation?

Adaptive noise cancellation is an intuitive form of ANC that enables the MW75 to automatically adapt to your environment. Adaptive noise cancellation automatically increases the strength of cancellation in noisy environments and reduces it in quiet environments, resulting in a more comfortable experience for the listener. In addition to adaptive noise-cancelling, the MW75 allows listeners to manually change ANC levels between “Max ANC”, for especially noisy environments, or “All-day ANC”, for quieter spaces. 

The MW75 contains a 4-microphone beamforming array. What is a beamforming array and how does it work in the headphones?

“Beamforming” refers to the acoustic signal processing algorithm that “tunes” the four precisely placed microphones on the MW75. The array is optimized to steer the four microphones towards the direction of the wearer’s mouth and isolate the user's voice from unwanted noise. Each ear cup on the MW75 houses two microphones; one is neatly integrated in the aluminum mesh ring while the other is hidden behind an acoustically optimized wind-rejecting mesh. 

What are some of the key benefits to using a beamforming array?

Our beamforming array allows the MW75 to reject unwanted background noise and focus on the wearer’s voice in a way that maintains a clear and natural voice quality. This means clear calls in any environment.

A feature of MW75 is the ability to adjust equalizer (EQ) settings within the M&D Connect App to personalize your sound. What are EQ settings and how do you use EQ settings in headphones?

Master & Dynamic’s acoustical engineers have honed the art and science of making music sound incredible. However, some listeners want more personalized control over their audio. The four EQ settings built into the M&D Connect app allow listeners to easily modify the MW75 sound signature to their liking while maintaining acoustic integrity. 

What design details did the team combine to create the MW75’s wide soundstage, perfect ANC and Master & Dynamic’s signature sound? 

MW75 was developed from the ground up to deliver superior performance and Master & Dynamic’s signature sound. Precisely angled custom beryllium drivers create MW75’s wide soundstage, while the bespoke leather ear pads provide an optimal acoustic seal.

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