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Know Your Sound Tool: MW08 Sport Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones

In our ongoing series featuring the design and technical aspects of our wireless earphones, headphones and bluetooth speaker, we speak with members of our Product team to learn more about what goes into the engineering of our premium audio products. In this story we discuss the unique features of the MW08 Sport Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones, including the enhanced fit, the sapphire glass from which the bluetooth earbuds are crafted and the ultra-durable Kevlar® case, which now features wireless charging.

What are the key differences between MW08 and MW08 Sport?

The MW08 Sport has the same superb sound profile as the MW08 to enhance your mood and elevate your focus while active. The product is designed with sapphire glass for extreme scratch resistance and durability, and introduces four new colors. The MW08 Sport also includes new foam ear tips, adding the option for a more secure fit. Finally, the MW08 Sport replaces the MW08’s stainless steel case with an extremely durable, lightweight case crafted using Kevlar® fiber, and introduces wireless inductive charging. 

MW08 Sport is delivered with 5 sizes of silicone ear tips and 2 sizes of foam ear tips that conform to your ear shape. Can you explain when to use silicone vs foam ear tips and the benefits for each?

Foam ear tips offer a more secure fit and superior sound isolation, so they are a great option to ensure your earphones stay put while working out. An enhanced seal with your ear canal can result in improved acoustic performance as well. Silicone ear tips are easy to clean and durable, and 5 sizes allow you to get the best seal possible. These are great if you’d like tips that are quick to insert into the ear and simply wipe clean when needed.

This is the first time Master & Dynamic has used sapphire glass. Can you share the decision behind using this material vs other materials, like the TR90 used in MW07 GO?

While high performance polymers like TR90 are great for active earphones, sapphire glass is extremely durable but has additional aesthetic properties. Sapphire glass is very hard, transparent, shatter resistant and difficult to scratch. Often used in luxury timepieces, sapphire glass is proven to withstand years of daily use. This makes it a great option for earphones that need to stand up to physical activity, but also retain Master & Dynamic’s signature premium look and feel.

The MW08 Sport charging case is made from Kevlar. Can you share more about the durability of this material and why it was used for MW08 Sport? 

Kevlar® fiber is an incredibly strong yet lightweight material. Kevlar® fiber is nearly five times the strength of steel of equal weight, which makes it a great option as a protective material. The MW08 Sport is designed to be taken on the go in any environment, and the MW08 Sport’s lightweight case is easy to carry and will be able to handle whatever you throw at it. Finally, using Kevlar® as a case material instead of stainless steel allows for wireless inductive charging capability, so it’s easier to charge than ever.

What kind of water resistance rating does MW08 Sport have?

The MW08 Sport earphones are rated IPX5 for water resistance, which means they are protected against sweat or splashing water from any direction. With an IPX5 rating, the MW08 Sport can endure any workout short of swimming, even in the rain. The charging case is rated IPX4 for water resistance, and can withstand light splashes of water, protecting your earphones during transit.

How has MW08 Sport been designed to ensure premium performance and enhanced fit during any activity?

The MW08 and MW08 Sport are the culmination of years of ergonomic studies on a variety of ear shapes and sizes. Master & Dynamic uses modern technology including 3D scanning and rapid prototyping to optimize the fit for the widest possible range of ear shapes. With a variety of ear tip types and sizes, everyone can find the best fit possible. Finally, premium durable materials and quality construction ensure that the earphones can stand up to any activity or environment while continuing to look and feel great.

What would you say differentiates these from competitor True Wireless Earphones for sport?

While many sport earphones provide enhanced fit, the MW08 Sport is designed using premium materials and is a sport earphone focused on beautiful design and superb sound. The MW08 Sport continues to deliver two modes of active noise-cancellation, two ambient listening modes, and the signature Master & Dynamic sound found in the MW08 using 11mm Beryllium drivers to provide a wide sound-stage and rich, warm sound. The end result is a set of earphones that will both sound and look amazing inside and outside of the gym.

To shop MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones click here.

The MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones feature luxe and durable materials, and an enhanced fit for workouts.
The MW08 Sport True Wireless Earphones feature luxe and durable materials, and an enhanced fit for workouts.
The shatter-resistant sapphire glass body and Kevlar® fiber case offer a luxe look and are built to withstand any workout.
The shatter-resistant sapphire glass body and Kevlar® fiber case offer a luxe look and are built to withstand any workout.
Wireless charging and up to 42 hours battery life mean you’ll never be without your workout playlist.
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