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Coordinates: Tulum

Tulum is trending. A convenient four-hour flight from New York City, located on the Caribbean side of Mexico, Tulum offers escape on a tropical level with its pristine beaches, jungle-shrouded restaurants, treetop yoga classes and New Age vibe. Luxury boutique hotels and must-visit hot spots each offer a small slice of paradise. For your next vacation why not take a trip to Tulum?

Sound Installation at Nomade Tulum
Moroccan Fare at Macando
Birds Eye Views at the Escobar Mansion
Relaxing at Grand Cenote
Planet Installation at the Nomade Tulum
Our MW50+ at Grand Cenote

Upon Arrival: Check in and head directly to the beach;Tulum is renowned for having some of the most beautiful beaches on earth. Powdery white sand, palm trees, the occasional neighborhood donkey, and clear turquoise waters should all be enjoyed with a fresh agua de coco while you work on your glow.

Stay: We love Be Hotel’s aesthetic, which features details including live walls constructed from native materials and copper tubs in every room. The property’s private villas are scattered along the beach (just a short walk to the ocean), while the grounds are divided with long rectangular pools and hammocks nestled between palm trees creating a balanced mix between clean lines and organic materials.

Explore: Be sure to visit the walking grounds of the Azulik Hotel, which are suspended on branches above man-made riverbeds. Attached to Azulik is the Ik Lab Museum designed by Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, the great grandson of Peggy Guggenhiem. The museum houses rare and extraordinary art that fuses modern influences with traditional Mayan designs. Currently on exhibit is Tatiana Trouve’s 250 Points Towards Infinity (250 pendulums suspended from a branch-made dome mimicking the constellations above it). Another must-see is the Grand Cenote, a sacred space traditionally used for Mayan rituals including sacrifices to the rain gods. We recommend arriving right before opening hours to explore before the crowds set in. Remember to bring your goggles as things are just as beautiful above water as they are below. Last, the Tulum Ruins are a classic excursion. Visit the ruins of the Mayan city built in the 13th century that served as a seaport, trading mainly in turquoise and jade.

Caffeine Fix & Drinks: A daily visit to Coffee Tulum Art Club is strongly advised, if only for their golden milk (a concoction of homemade coconut milk, tumeric and other healing spices). Spend time browsing local artwork, and opt to sit in the back patio overlooking muraled walls and modern installations. For drinks visit Casa Malca, one of Pablo Escobar’s mansions. Order a drink in the Keith Haring bar while lounging amidst red velvet walls and beneath a ceiling littered with gold chandeliers, or explore the property, escaping to the rooftop for an incredible view of the jungle.

Dine: For lunch try Macando, located inside the beautiful Hotel Nomade where guests sit on Moroccan style poufs with circular tables. Macondo offers a variety of brightly colored dishes, ranging from fresh fish to traditional style Mexican plates. Order the red ceviche – it tastes just as wonderful as it looks. Another must is Dinner Hartwood. Founded by Brooklyn chef Eric Werner and his wife Mya, the restaurant thrives on fresh local ingredients with modern complexities. The grilled octopus and charred red beet are phenomenal, as are the spicy margaritas and slow roasted pork, which cooks on a spit for fourteen hours.

Relax: Aside from enjoying the sun and sea, try a meditation or a crystal bowl sound healing session in one of Nomade’s bohemian style tents. Stay until nighttime, when the property’s walkways release eucalyptus steam, creating a sensory overload in the jungle.

Photographs by Jess Sorensen

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