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Coordinates: Nashville With Danny Clinch

Travel inspires us. It takes us to new places and new spaces; it transports our minds, animates our spirits, and enlivens our senses. Creative Coordinates, a travel guide series on the 10,000, charts the world’s creative hotspots—places beaming with musical, artistic, cultural, and culinary inspiration.

This week, celebrated music photographer Danny Clinch scopes out Nashville. Many people know Tennessee’s largest city as the Music City, home to countless record labels and recording studios. Fewer are more familiar with the countless other experiences Nashville has to offer. With a burgeoning food scene and a focus on the arts that’s hard to beat, Danny Clinch shows us that Nashville is an adventure worth taking.

Stay – Hutton Hotel “When you travel as much as I do, comfort is key. The Hutton Hotel has a great vibe—you can’t beat a night’s sleep on their pillows. Every time I stay there I find myself running into a number of bands passing through the city, and that makes me feel like I made the right choice.”

Breakfast and Coffee – Fido “My friend Bob Delevante turned me onto Fido, and now I stop here every time I return to Nashville. Get the McFido sandwich with bacon and a cup of local coffee—you won’t be disappointed.”

Live Music – The Ryman Auditorium “The Ryman Auditorium is one of the most famous concert venues in the United States, earning itself historical landmark status in 2009. From Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Neil Young to Leon Bridges, Foo Fighters, and Jason Isbell, dozens of greats have graced its stage, giving it a church-like status for music lovers.”

Guitar Shop – Carter Vintage “This legendary guitar shop in the heart of Nashville has a huge collection of stringed instruments from guitars, mandolins and banjos. You’d be hard pressed to find a better collection of vintage guitars than the one on display here, which is owned by Steve Earle. Don’t miss the beautiful painting of the legendary bluegrass musician, Ralph Stanley, whose band is appropriately called the Clinch Mountain Boys.”

Arts and Culture – United Record Pressing “When in Nashville, a tour of United Vinyl Pressing is a must. There’s so much history there—it’s actually where The Beatles’ first 7″ pressing in America happened decades ago.”

Eats – Hog Heaven “I can sum it up in a single condiment: Kickin’ Chicken White BBQ Sauce. It’s hands-down the best BBQ in the city. I make the pilgrimage there every year before the drive to Bonnaroo.”

Drinks – The Crying Wolf “After a photoshoot with My Morning Jacket, the band took me to The Crying Wolf. They couldn’t have picked a better bar. It’s the perfect spot to kick back with your friends—just try not to cause any trouble.”

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