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Coordinates: Dallas

Travel inspires us. It takes us to new places and new spaces; it transports our minds, animates our spirits, and enlivens our senses. Creative Coordinates, our travel guide series, charts the world’s creative hotspots – places beaming with musical, artistic, cultural, and culinary inspiration.

Dallas, Texas. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dallas? Country music? Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders and his famous celebration dance? Just like Deion Sanders, Dallas is full of surprises, western flair, and a good amount of culture. And it’s true what they say: everything is bigger in Texas.

Morning Coffee – Local Press + Brew What’s your poison? If it’s coffee, freshly-pressed juice, or matcha green tea, you can find it at the Local in Oak Cliff. Local offers up a modern take on traditional fare. Kick off your boots and stay a while – the inside gives off the ambiance of a saloon. Or pop outside to a picnic-style patio with some cacti to keep you company.

Architecture – Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge After the art museum, head on over to the Trinity River and take in the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Designed by neofuturistic architect and sculptor Santiago Calatrava, this modern architectural wonder lends the Dallas skyline an almost futuristic feel. The bridge was completed in 2012, when it picked up an Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Drive across (the bridge connects downtown and West Dallas) or just gaze at Dallas’s latest wonder from afar – it can be seen from miles away in several directions.

Arts and Culture – Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth As you wander the halls of this well-crafted museum with larger-than-life installations and matching architecture to boot, you’ll find yourself wondering just what is art and what is simply a wall. Make sure you saunter on down to the Museum Café; the view is spectacular. Bonus: there’s a Kaws exhibit open until July 2017.

Music – Spinster Record Store While in the Bishop Art District, make sure to stop at Spinster Record Store; it might just be the best record shop we’ve ever set our eyes on. While you’re there, have a chat with the owner, a lifer of the music industry. With his journey from musician to record label manager to record store owner, he’s got some stories to tell. Bonus: you might even catch a live set from a local artist, an album signing by Corene Baily Rae, or even find yourself fingering through vinyls right next to Andre 3000 himself.

Shop and Wander – Bishop Art District Known as the “most eclectic district in Dallas”, this shopping neighborhood lives up to its reputation. Each shop is located within an older building from a bygone age, making wandering around Bishop feel a little like time travel. Over sixty independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, and art galleries can be found in this neighborhood, so you’re sure to find at least a few (or a dozen) that tickle your fancy.

Eats – Taco Taco It’s been a great day exploring Dallas and you’re famished. Lucky for you, there’s Taco Taco. If you love new takes on old classics, this spot is for you. The tacos are worth talking about; the margaritas will make you stop talking and savor them in silence.

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