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Product Support
MW08 Sport
True Wireless Earphones
Manuals and Documentation
  • The first time you take both earphones out of their case they will enter pairing mode. Simply connect through the Bluetooth menu on your device and select M&D MW08S. To manually activate pairing mode, hold down the multi-function button for five seconds or until the indicator light starts pulsing.
    NOTE: Continue to hold even if your voice assistant is activated.

  • The charging case lid opens away from the user and each earphone contains a letter for placement, “L” representing placement for the left side in the case and “R” for the right side, to be stored when not in use. Note that the earphones sit at a slight tilt in the charging case.

  • Place your earphones inside the charging case and close the lid. The earphones and case battery status will display. The charging case holds an additional 30 hours of charge for your earphones. We suggest you place your earphones inside the case when they are not in use. This will allow them to have the maximum charge each time you use them. A green light indicates the battery is between 70-100%, amber indicates 30-69%, and red indicates 1-29%. If the center battery flashes red or does not display, the case battery is depleted.

  • To charge your case using wired charging, plug in the USB-C cable into the back of your case and plug the other end into a power source. If you do not have a USB-C power source you can use the supplied USB-C to USB-A adapter and use a USB-A power source. The battery status of the case and earphones will remain visible while the case charges.

  • To charge your case using wireless charging, center your MW08 Sport earphone case on a wireless charging pad with the LEDs facing upwards. The MW08 Sport is compatible with the MC100 Wireless Charge Pad.

  • The MW08 Sport is not Qi-certified, however, it is Qi-compatible.

  • Your earphones hold up to 12 hours of listening time when fully charged.

  • Your earphones will arrive with the battery level partially charged.

  • Your earphones come with the medium silicone ear tips attached. Choose the silicone or foam ear tips that form the best seal with your ear canal.

  • These custom round eartips are designed in conjunction with an oval nozzle shape to provide a superior universal fit.

  • Squeeze the ear tip to match its orientation to the nozzle and then press the ear tip against the nozzle to attach.

  • Silicone ear tips are durable and easy to clean. Foam ear tips offer a more secure fit and superior sound isolation.

  • Gently compress the foam ear tip using your fingers and insert it into your ear. Hold the earphone in place until the foam fully expands and forms a seal with your ear canal.

  • Gently wipe your foam ear tips with a damp wet cloth. Do not use alcohol or other cleaning substances on the product.

  • Yes, MW08 Sport supports multiple device connection using multipoint so long as it is updated to firmware version 5.3.3 or higher.

  • Simply press the multi-function button on your right earphone when paired to your device. You can also answer calls directly from your device when the earphones are paired to the device.

  • Yes. To activate your device’s native Voice Assistant when paired to your earphones, just hold the button on your right earphone while it is in your ear.

  • Yes. Your earphones are rated IPX5 for water resistance, meaning they are sweat-proof and protected against splashing water from any direction. Your charging case is rated IPX4 for water resistance, meaning they can withstand light splashes of water.
    Operate and store your product within the temperature range of -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C) only. Charge the battery where the temperature is between 41°F and 104°F (5°C and 40°C) only.

  • MW08 supports aptX Adaptive up to 24-bit/96kHz when updated to the latest firmware while using compatible devices.

  • Move your device closer to the earphones, as physical objects between the earphones and the source may obstruct the signal.

  • To clean the outer earphone, use a microfiber cloth. Do not use alcohol or other cleaning substances on the product.
    Do not drop, sit on, or allow the earphones to be exposed to extreme water, moisture, or temperatures. Your earphones are IPX5 water resistance rated. Your charging case is IPX4 rated.
    If your case or earphones are exposed to a significant amount of water or become fully submerged in water, we recommend opening the case, removing the earphones and leaving them out to dry before using them again.
    It is recommended that you return your earphones to their charging case when not in use. To avoid damage, do not store other items in the canvas case along with your case.
    Temperature Range Operate and store this product within the temperature range of -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C) only. Charge the battery where the temperature is between 41°F and 104°F (5°C and 40°C) only.

  • Yes. Three microphones in each earphone provide the freedom to listen or talk with just one earphone.

  • Connect to your earphones in the Bluetooth menu before opening the app for setup.

  • Make sure your mobile device is compatible with the M&D Connect minimum system requirements. For more information, visit the app store on your mobile device. If your mobile device meets the minimum requirements, uninstall and reinstall the M&D Connect app on your mobile device.

  • If your earphones are no longer paired to each other, please use the following steps to perform a factory reset:
    1. Remove the Left earphone from the case (Leave the Right earphone in the case).
    2. Quickly press VOL+ on the Left earphone 6 times, and hold on the 6th press until you hear the voice prompt announce "factory reset" on the Left earphone.
    3. Remove the Right earphone from the case.
    4. Quickly press the Multi-Function button on the Right earphone 6 times, and hold on the 6th press until you hear the voice prompt announce "factory reset" on the Right earphone.
    5. Put both earphones next to each other. The earphones are paired to each other when the LEDs stop flashing and start "breathing" as they usually would when pairing to a Bluetooth device.

  • The MW08 Sport is designed to sit at a slight tilt in the case for easier removal.

  • 1. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings menu, put your MW08 Sport earphones into pairing mode, and click "Add a new device".
    2. Select the “M&D MW08S” with a headphone icon and “Audio” subtext.

  • 1. Navigate to the sound icon in the Windows taskbar. Click the up arrow to select a playback device.
    2. For video calls and talk, we recommend selecting “Headset (M&D MW08S Hands-Free AG Audio)”. For music, movies, and podcasts, we recommend using “Headphones (M&D MW08S Stereo)”.


Master & Dynamic guarantees this product against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase on our website or from an authorized Master & Dynamic retailer or reseller. As an exception to this warranty period, batteries are guaranteed for proper functioning for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. Defective batteries are covered by Master & Dynamic’s Limited Warranty but battery wear from normal use is not covered.

If returned within the warranty period, Master & Dynamic will at its discretion either repair the defective product or replace it with a repaired or refurbished product of identical specifications as the returned product. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Master & Dynamic shall have no liability of any kind for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or expenses that arise from the use of this product, including use-related damage to the product's exterior.

Master & Dynamic has partnered with Clyde to allow you to purchase an extended warranty with accidental damage from handling protection coverage for your Master & Dynamic products. 

If you have purchased the Accidental Damage Protection Plan through Clyde and are looking to make a warranty claim, click here. Our Accidental Damage Protection Plan through Clyde can be purchased on our website at checkout or after completing your purchase here. For more details on the coverage offered through our Accidental Damage Protection Plan, click here.

Master & Dynamic’s Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to items such as blown drivers, battery degradation from normal use, cut cords, bent jacks, damage to the product's exterior, loss or theft.

Replaceable parts subject to wear and tear such as ear tips and cables will be replaced only in case of malfunctioning due to material or manufacturing defects, and only once during the warranty period of your product.

The serial number and proof of purchase are required in order to enact the warranty for products purchased on our website or from an authorized retailer or reseller. This policy is also applicable to products received as a gift.

If we need to replace your earphones due to a battery defect, your earphones will be new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability. You will void your warranty if you disassemble your earphones or expose them to excessive moisture. If you believe your product is defective within the warranty period, please contact us at Please include your product’s serial number, proof of purchase, telephone number and full return shipping address in your message to us. Conditional to serial number, proof of purchase, and warranty validity, you will be issued a return authorization and instructions for return shipment. Please note that the dispatch of a replacement product will take place after our receipt of the defective product. For questions regarding your product’s warranty, please contact Master & Dynamic Support at

Replacement Parts
MW08 Sport Kevlar® Charging Case
MW08 Sport Left Ear Bud
MW08 Sport Right Ear Bud
MW08 Sport Ear Tips
USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable
USB-C to USB-C Braided Charging Cable
USB-C to USB-A Adapter