THRILLERS: The Brothers Making Indie Pop Together

THRILLERS: The Brothers Making Indie Pop Together

Brothers often dream of working together. Few actually achieve this goal. THRILLERS, the L.A.-based indie pop duo comprised of Gregory and Jeremy Pearson, has done just that, racking up hundreds of thousands of plays on SoundCloud and attracting media attention along the way. Master & Dynamic premiered the group's latest track, "NMT," produced by singer, songwriter, producer, and actor Twin Shadow, and released limited-edition vinyl records containing two new THRILLERS songs (for a chance to win one, head on over to our Instagram). The 10,000 spoke with the duo about their debut project Cotton Candy Kisses, their inspirations, and their interest in fashion.

Indie Pop means so many different things. Describe your particular take on the genre.

Indie pop to us is basically alternative music that fuses with many other genres. We grew up listening to a multitude of artists from respected indie labels, [so we] can hear the approach isn't quite the same as general "pop." It's more experimental. We enjoy the experimental side of the genre; being an "indie" or independent artist gives us the ability to try what feels good and not be boxed into one sound. As artists, we need that creative space to explore and find the groove.

As a duo, how do you work together to make your music?

The great thing about being a duo and also brothers is that we can finish each other's thoughts or elaborate on the original idea to make it better. A creative spark can come from literally anywhere, as long as we're looking for it. We don't have a formula, and we love not having one.

What did the release of your breakout project Cotton Candy Kisses mean to you?

It was our debut baby project. It means so much to us as artists because we found ourselves with that EP. We found our sound. The title itself was a tribute to love and how easily it can dissolve if you let it. It was an emotional project, but also very fun. We put our entire lives into that piece.

Many of today's musicians have a "side hustle," and both of you seem to be quite interested in fashion. How has this shaped your music?

Fashion is everything to us. It creates the attitude behind the music and is the forefront to the presentation. Sitting front row at Fashion Week for the first time totally opened up our minds. Seeing the rhythm of the models on the catwalk and the way the fabric rests on their bodies sparked so much imagination. We feel that music and fashion are connected so closely that you can't have one without the other. It's an artistic marriage.

With technology in a constant state of flux, how have you adapted to the digital age?

Thank god for the digital age! We've adapted very well. We're able to reach the world with a click of the button. We love you, Steve Jobs!

What do you think of the resurgence of vinyl?

We grew up listening to our mother playing vinyl in the morning on Sundays while cleaning or cooking, so it gives us a huge sense of warmth. Hearing the crackle, opening the vinyl package, the artwork, the texture—it's all part of the experience. We're stoked about the vinyl comeback because our generation needs to experience the quality.

What music, past or present, are you inspired by?

We're inspired by old school funk, jerry curl funk, new wave, '90s R&B, jazz—all kinds of stuff. Good music is good music. Presently, we're inspired by all of our peers who are pushing the soundscape boundaries every day. When we hear new music, we still get the same feeling that we got years ago. Taking time out of the day to enjoy a new album, whether it's on vinyl or mp3 is still one of the best feelings. It's like buying a new piece of clothing, then wearing it out to a function; it's just fresh, and keeps us going.

Photo credit: Preston Thalindroma
Photo credit: Christopher Parsons
Photo credit: Christopher Parsons
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