Exclusive Selects: Masego for Master & Dynamic

Exclusive Selects: Masego for Master & Dynamic

What do you get when you mix jazz, house, and rap? A saxophone-playing, freestyle-rapping, nonstop party of an artist like Virginia's Masego, whose newly invented genre — dubbed TrapHouseJazz — is a display of his youthful, creative energy. The 10,000 spoke with Masego about his sound, his inspiration, his live performances, and more.

You're a versatile artist, with skills on the mic, the sax, and more. What inspired you to merge these talents?

Thanks cuz. I'd say 100% women. They challenge me and inspire me to learn new things.

You've invented a whole new genre, which you dubbed "TrapHouseJazz." Describe it for us.

Man, that's a long answer. TrapHouseJazz is whatever I want it to be. It's a group of superhero-like musicians. Specialists. It's a huge sample library that we all produce from; it's what allows me to not be boxed in. Think the Avengers with musical instruments. (Yes, I watch a lot of superhero movies).

One of your most notable projects, The Pink Polo EP, was created in conjunction with Medasin. What changes did you have to make to work your music into the dance music mold?

Medasin is super, super talented. Like, shesh! That project was very special. I don't look at it as changing and fitting. I just went with my soul and it worked out. The songs were made so quick, because I was in tune with it all.

What music and/or artists have molded your style?

Cab Calloway. Kendrick. Andre 3k. Tyler The Creator (which is shocking because I used to not like his whole shindig at all, but he's a genius). And Pharrell. Pharrell's a genius.

A big part of your personal brand seems to be your energy. How have you incorporated this fun-loving style into your music and your brand?

I don't want to be too short with this, but it's real simple. I am my music. I can't fake it; every song, every video, that's me. I live and breathe this. Music is gonna be gumbo forever for me—just random mixes of whatever I'm inspired by.

Your shows have a dance party atmosphere. What have you done to ensure that your live performances are special?

I go to a city and stay there for a bit. Learn that culture. Get a few inside jokes. That show then turns into a slight comedy set/live looping performance, so anyone from a seasoned fan to a walk up from the street will love [it]. I think everyone deserves a unique show. That's what I want.

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