Selfridges and Music Matters Auction Custom MH40 Over-Ear Headphones

Selfridges and Music Matters Auction Custom MH40 Over-Ear Headphones

We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Selfridges to auction off a series of custom-made MH40 Over-Ear Headphones to benefit the department store’s Music Matters campaign.

Selfridges is the global destination for fashion, luxury, and retail theater, headquartered in the UK. The Music Matters campaign is a three-month event created with the goal of honoring the power of live music within the UK.

An estimated forty percent of London’s live music venues have closed within the past ten years, a phenomenon that has been attributed to soaring rent prices, overeager property developers, and a declining interest in live music, among other things. Small music venues are important, as the BBC reported back in 2015, because they’re where many bands get their starts. Without these places around to welcome young bands, it could be difficult for them to find their audiences, not to mention get the experience they need playing live shows. The British music scene is not only important culturally, but is a tremendous contributor to the UK’s economy. If grassroots venues aren’t preserved, in a few decades’ time the entire music scene could be in danger.

In response to this decline in live music venues, Selfridges created the Music Matters campaign. Selfridges stores in London, Manchester, and Birmingham have opened their doors to become venues for a series of musical collaborators now through October. Collaborations that bring together like-minded musicians and designers as well as exhibits exploring the correlative relationship between music and style will be on display.

“We want Music Matters at Selfridges to celebrate and honor the power of live music,” says Linda Hewson, Selfridges’ Creative Director. “We hope the campaign will remind visitors to our stores of the intrinsic value and originality of the music experience. It’s so important that we support our cities’ independent music venues where these unique and formative experiences take place; let’s make as much noise as we can, and think about why music matters so much.”

To support Music Matters, as well as bid on a pair of custom-made MH40 Over-Ear Headphones, head here. Bidding closes September 28, 2017.

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