Exclusive Selects: Jesse James of stupidDOPE for Master & Dynamic

Exclusive Selects: Jesse James of stupidDOPE for Master & Dynamic

Launched in 2009 as a place for readers to discover the latest in cool, stupidDOPE covers video, music, travel, culture, fashion and art. Jesse James, Senior Editor, is a Florida-based, self-proclaimed hat, sneaker, and music fiend. Jesse shared with The 10,000 his exclusive summer playlist, as well as spoke with us about his musical taste, how it inspires his creativity, and his love for live music.

Where do you discover music?

I'm always on the search for new music. I scour the interwebs, hitting streaming sources such as SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and more, always keeping an eye on charts and trends. From there I generally look for the latest releases via genre and look for anything and everything that catches my ear; and while I'm partial to hip-hop, everything is fair game!

Where do you listen to music?

Typically I listen to music in the office while at work. My home life finds music providing more entertainment than television, and probably of better quality, as well. But my favorite place to listen to music is in the car. There's something gratifying about turning [it] all the way up and tuning all the way out while heading to work, out on a road trip, or wherever I'm heading! Responsibly, of course.

What are you currently listening to?

Right now I've been deep into YG's new album, while Rihanna's ANTI, Kanye's The Life Of Pablo, and Lemonade by Beyoncé are on steady rotation. However, there are a ton of dope singles from up-and-coming artists like Kiiara, Tunij Ige, Bibi Bourelly, Chloe x Halle, and many others, that have us hooked! There are so many dope songs to rock with this summer; and who doesn't love "Panda"!

What's in your everyday carry?

Before I can leave the house I must have my iPod, one of many flash drives, my laptop, and at least a pair of headphones or a bluetooth speaker. I'm one to share my sounds, and rocking a dope pair of MH40s is a great way to enjoy quality sound anywhere, and at the very least, drown out the person next to you, if need be. Music is a must-have, every day!

How often do you see live music?

I try to see live music as much as possible. This ranges from the young woman that sings stunning jazz at the wine bar near home, or checking out Beyoncé's latest tour. I never really need to be 'talked into' seeing live music, as the vibe, the fans, and the experience always makes for an enjoyable time!

How does music inspire your sense of creativity?

Music really inspires everything that I do. Even before the day officially starts, music gets me going; it provides a source of inspiration to move around and do something, and certainly sparks my creativity as a writer. Music is essentially what got me into writing to begin with; [I was] inspired by the power of wordplay and the power of music as a whole. Luckily stupidDOPE provides a perfect place to explore music, fashion, trends, and much more, and to expand my creativity!

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